Shanti Hodges – Hike it Baby

Motherhood or Parenthood is a wonderful stage in your life, where you get taught and experience so much about yourself and where you explore how you unconditionally love someone so much. And there are stages every new mom faces from time to time  and I can tell out of my personal motherhood, they belong to your new life and will not last forever. What Am I talking about? I am talking about isolation, grieving of your independent past life, the hard decision to quit your job or to look out for daycare, built up your career with an infant or toddler, getting those baby weight down and most of all accepting the new life and gather with other people to share the new life and develop new friendships in your new life.

Tending the Table

Like promised, there too many blogs out there who inspire me, but it is time to show you a few of my fave blogs. I am glad I found Sasha’s blog again. I stumbled a while ago over her blog and  lost the name and in a coincidence, she featured a pic with tea from Smith Tea Maker and I finally followed her. Sasha, the gorgeous, talented girl behind Tending the Table who takes most amazing food shots, grew up on a farm in Oregon and where she helped in the kitchen early on. When she describes her relationship with food, you can only hop over to her IG account or search for new recipes on her site. “I revel in the creativity and resourcefulness required in the kitchen. I savor the precision and the spontaneity, the tranquility and the bustle. There is freedom here in the kitchen and fearlessness.”        

Handmade with Love- Prana Chai

While others have an obsession for coffee, I share the same obsession for tea and chai. I don’t like the overly sweetened chai lattes or those that are overpowered with spices.Through the IG community, I stumbled onto the account of Prana Chai and connected with Brian who is the contact person for North America.

Raw Chocolate Mousse Pie

Today’s creation taught me never toss  salt for sugar in your dough batter or filling. This delicious raw chocolate mousse pie with a little twist had a long journey until I could take some pics for you. I stumbled over the pie recipe at Foodbandits, a blog with such incredible genius gluten free recipes, that I decided I gave them a shout out here.

Radicchio Salad with Buttermilk- Orange- Dill Dressing

First, thanks for all the comments and sweet messages to my last post by introducing our little one. I feel touched, and it is the sweetest welcome for our new family member. Since I am a mom, I had to change our daily routine, including eating. Before Julius, we had our biggest meal in the night. But with cluster feeding (Welcome to the Motherhood world) in the night, we got pretty fast to the point where we had to change our routine. I am fortunate to stay at home with Julius and during his noon catnap I take the time, to prep the supper and have lunch as my biggest meal.

Rainbow child -Julius Johann

I am deeply honest when I say; I never had imagined that I would get the chance to write this post, a post about introducing my living child. So I can proudly say and from the bottom of my heart, that this sweet bundle has stolen my heart from the moment he joined us. Julius Johann was born on April 3rd, 6 lbs and 19 inches long. I will not overload you with too many motherhood and baby posts in the upcoming months of this cute bundle. Certainly I will share some pics of him on my Instagram page since he is now a huge part of our life.

Rhubarb Tart

Almost two weeks since we welcomed our little boy Julius (stay tuned for a little intro post soon) into this world. We are glad we can enjoy this precious time together as a family. There are no words that could express our joy and the love we receive from him.


Before I share the new recipe, I wanted to thank you all for the sweet comments on my last post about Carmen and about all the sweet wishes on social media and in real life for my upcoming birth. It means a lot to me; you all are who I get my inspiration from and it is the main ingredient why I love to write.

Carmen Koge- Hair and Make Up Artist

                       Carmen Koge- Hair and Make Up Artist                              based in London Two weeks ago, I read a great post about blogging and attended an amazing workshop about writing the right content for your website. Independent, both shared two essences. Stick with your gut feeling and stay authentic. Even as I am writing more about tea, small business owners, which are food related doesn’t mean that I have another passion as well. I will stick with my approach and will stay authentic, but with the big change of becoming a parent, there is a life transition and I take this time to open up more about other passions, that also have an impact in my life.

From Aebleskivers to Aquavit- Swede inspired Cuisine at Broder Nord

Photos by Annika Bielig Bussmann If we needed to relocate to another country, I would immediately choose Sweden. Not only because of fish-shaped treats or crisp bread, IKEA or childhood memories, but also because Sweden is surrounded by water, has one of the best education and health systems and is a culinary nation, which combines traditional and innovative food. My favorite design artists are based in Denmark, Norway or Sweden and I follow different blogs from Denmark and Sweden. Yes, you can say I have a light obsession with Scandinavia in general. It is more as only the lifestyle, the food, the design and most importantly their relationship to nutrition. Every meal has a story; it is the most seasonal cuisine I know, and still they are a culinary nation, which holds tight on traditions.