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This hot summer is still going on and is loaded with so many travels and visits, which resolves in quietness over here. Powerful Quietness. Heat and Water are nourishing and powerful and complex elements, and they naturally change. Over the course of the last months, a change took home in many chapters of my life. I gave birth to our sweet little one and four months later I find myself into motherhood. During the naptimes, I took every chance that I got and watched, listened, participate in tutorials, podcasts, books and workshop to deepen my knowledge in photography and marketing and self-care.

Roadtrip to Central Oregon

Our first vacation with Julius and his grandparents who visited Julius  and us from Germany, took us to Central Oregon. We Due to the heat spell we shortened our trip and skipped Painted Hills and found instead a beautiful hidden waterfall and little lake nestled between mountains.

Jamie Yetter- Mom and Founder of Covered Goods

The heat wave is a challenge as a new mom as well for all seasonal mothers. Summer is here, light tops and strapless dresses are all around to see and as a mother you want to feel left out. Fortunately, fashion for moms changed over the years and gives you the ability and the freedom still dressing up as a woman and not wearing the bold, flour sack clothing anymore like many years ago. Since my Julius was born I nursed him at home and in the car. Since getting back in the “real world”- I had a feeling the intimacy and bonding time between me and my baby got lost. Everytime when I nursed him outside, I felt stressed and drained. One day I saw on the Instagram feed of  the lovely fellow mama Jane from In The Pink & Green a photo with a cover up scarf from Covered Goods. I looked up their website and saw the multi functional purpose and ordered one.

Part 2 of Anna Mara Flowers & Smith TeaMaker – Slow Movement and your vision

How you guys keeping up with the hot sunny weather? We try to stay as cool as possible and do all the prep work for our first upcoming camping trip as a family including my in-laws. Like promised this is the second part of last month shooting with Tiffany at Anna Mara Flowers. Yesterday I met a dear friend and a talented photographer who moved recently from the Netherlands to Portland. As we chatted, I mentioned that I had to write the intro for the post, and we got into a deeper conversation about photography and cameras and the title photographer. When I got back home, I deleted the almost finished post and started from scratch in response to all your lovely emails and requests about cameras and lighting. Let me say in a short way- Thanks so much, you are incredible.

Anna Mara Flowers & Smith Tea Maker

Filled to the brim with joy to share the glorious images of Tiffany Talbott and myself from our Food & Styling Shoot at Anna Mara Flowers. Smith Teamaker were so generous and supplied us with their three Iced Tea variation and Our Table Cooperative contributed the edible flowers like Viola and Sage. Looking through the stunning images, I couldn’t decide which to share because they are all beautiful, so I split the images in two parts.

Summer& Parktime in Portland with Julius

  Here goes my first confession as a new mom. Summer arrived, and I felt a little nervous regarding the hot weather and that we would not be as flexible as we have without a baby. And again, I am stunned. Everything comes natural and is so incredibly precious.

Emelia Wessel- the woman of Color and Styling

I met Emilia over a year ago, while I was looking for a hair stylist. Emilia works at Strut Salon as a hair stylist and if you go once you will always return, I promise. Finding “the” hair stylist is like winning in the lottery. Emilia and I connected right away and I only cheated once – even with honesty to write her. Spending two hours in Emilia’s hands is my time out zone. Having people as Emilia in your life is life-saving and always an inspiration. Emilia, is a hair stylist, an artist and a mother of a cute sweet boy. I feel happy that she joined the Spicy- Women Series and glad to know her and having her in my life.

Shanti Hodges – Hike it Baby

Motherhood or Parenthood is a wonderful stage in your life, where you get taught and experience so much about yourself and where you explore how you unconditionally love someone so much. And there are stages every new mom faces from time to time  and I can tell out of my personal motherhood, they belong to your new life and will not last forever. What Am I talking about? I am talking about isolation, grieving of your independent past life, the hard decision to quit your job or to look out for daycare, built up your career with an infant or toddler, getting those baby weight down and most of all accepting the new life and gather with other people to share the new life and develop new friendships in your new life.