Teeccino- Review  Teeccino     A Gluten-Free, Caffeine-Free Breakfast Option

A few weeks back, our local co-op had a promo table, with a representative from Teeccino, a purveyor of herbal coffees. Teeccino Caffe founder Caroline MacDougall and her team are dedicated to bringing the finest herbal beverages to you.

Herbal coffee, or, as they used to call it, coffee substitute, is not new. However, with an increase in people with caffeine-sensitivity and food intolerance or food -associated disease, Teeccino is in high demand and is a great freshly- brewed coffee option.Dandelion Vanilla Nut

 When the caffeine craving calls you everywhere…

Nothing beats a chit chat with the girls while sipping on a latte, or iced coffee. However, with caffeine sensitivity or gluten intolerance, one cannot enjoy the coffee experience with abandon. Or imagine your handsome hubby enjoys freshly brewed coffee during your weekend brunch and eyeing you dreamily, and you feel the caffeine craving calling you: one sip, it whispers, just one tiny sip. Only, you know every sip will work against you.

With this herbal coffee beverage you are not only on the safe side, but you can even create your own coffee shop at home, thanks to a wide variety of flavors. The company describes it like this:

“By including herbal beverages in your daily life, you can enjoy numerous cups a   day of delicious tasting herbal teas and herbal coffees that bring you many wellness properties. Herbs contain a complex variety of unique antioxidants, soluble fiber, enzymes, essential oils, and immune stimulating constituents that work together synergistically to promote good health. Additionally, those who are experiencing caffeine withdrawal benefit greatly from weaning off coffee with Teeccino.”Dandelion Mocca

Just enjoy  

During my research of Teeccino I found out that they provide a gluten- free product line, everything from herbal beverages to cereal. After meeting their representatives at the co-op,I received my sample packet last week.

I spoke yesterday with their operation manager to insure that the complete product line is gluten- free, because I saw some questions about it on Amazon. None of the gluten-free version includes barley; they are completely barley free. I have sampled the Dandelion Mocha and Vanilla Nut so far. If you order, ensure yourself that you purchase the Dandelion version, which is in the gluten- free product line. However, be aware that it may contain nut, like in the vanilla nut version.TeeChia

The Tasting Moment

Summertime calls for an iced latte and a fruity cereal breakfast. On this beautiful Thursday, I made TeeChia’s Cranberry Apple cereal and topped it with pineapple and blueberries (fresh from our backyard) and sipped the Dandelion Mocha on the side.

This cereal is a nifty way to start the day, a long lasting and satisfying breakfast that sustains you on the go or even on a camping trip. Pour it in a mason jar and add hot water over it when you getting hungry. I am a huge fan of amaranth and flaxseed and so I was delighted to see these super high energy ingredients list. I liked the fruity flavor with a touch of sweetness and appreciated how filling it was. I topped mine with new fruits to balance out the warm meal and enjoyed both with the Dandelion Mocha.

Mocha or mocha latte has always been one of my drinks, which I very much miss since giving up caffeine. A good Mocha is hard to find. Even though this is it not a “real” Mocha, what amazed me the most was the roasted flavor. I brewed it over in our Chemex and savored the moment, my nose in the filter to explore the fine taste of freshly-roasted brewed coffee. I am usually a tea fan, but like I said once in a while if the addiction kicks in, I need the smell of fresh roasted beans.Vanilla Nut to go

What can I say? I am sold on the taste and the merchandise. I need to confess, I tried out a dandelion coffee before. Yes, there is a light tanginess in the beginning, but the finish is really similar to your usual morning coffee. Chicory and Dandelion Root have a same energizing effect as caffeine, minus the acidity and without the downsides of heartburn, anxiety, headache, and energy high. You will feel energized, but it travels slower through your blood stream.

Yesterday, I made the Vanilla Nut Iced Latte in a mason jar, to taste the difference. I was speechless and highly recommend it! You feel like you sip on your 16 oz. Vanilla Latte and would never imagine that this is an herbal beverage only sweetened with dates. If you are not sensitive, try the same latte with your fave milk substitute or normal milk. Blend some soaked dates in your food processor with the milk and strain into a glass. Add ice and your Dandelion Product of choice and voila, you created your own latte.

Hop over to their site and explore the amazing Company Story of Teeccino.

Herbal is a great alternate. Enjoy!

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