Gardenbar “Construction Photo Shooting”

One of my latest shoots, where I collaborated with my dear friend  Ana Chaud, owner and founder of Gardenbar for a construction shoot of their upcoming second business location in Oldtown, Portland. Living in Portland- the city of creativity, allows people like myself to explore their artistic freedom. Being able to build  connections and starting to team with up with amazingly talented people, defines what I love to do and why I love to do. Thanks to Gardenbar letting me part of your journey.

Maak Lab- an apothecary lab highlighting the smells of the Pacific Northwest

Anoria Gilbert and Taylor Ahlmark are the creative, independent makers behind Maak Lab, the Portland based Soap Company. In their new workshop/retail location in the West End’s vibrant neighborhood they pour locally sourced ingredients, botanicals and essential oils together into high quality soaps, salves and candles. The Pacific Northwest nature and design culture are two of the reasons why Anoria and Taylor moved to Portland from Arizona. Soap making started as a hobby for them, exploring new and different ways to utilize leaves and bark became the most inspiring element in their extra time while working full daytime jobs.

Plum Deluxe

Plum Deluxe: A Passion for Tea and a Celebration of Mindful Enjoyment Tea and I have a long relationship, equal in intensity to my passion for writing handwritten letters or cards. Nourishing oneself with a hot cup of tea allows us to slow down, which I appreciate in times where I feel overloaded or stressed — especially during the holiday times. So when Andy Hayes, from Plum Deluxe, asked me if I’d collaborate with him and share my passion of handcrafted, fair trade tea, I was thrilled and couldn’t resist.

Light and Tea

” Tea is a way to slow down  and connect with yourself. Perfect pairing for life’s occasions, big and small, is a cup of tea.”- Andy Hayes     [Show thumbnails]

Shannon Hannon- Shannon Hannon Photography

Another Spicy Woman on the blog today, another amazing talented personality. Shannon is a sweet friend of us and an extremely talented Wedding- Lifestyle Photographer.  I met her through a dear friend and had the great opportunity to work with her. She is an inspiring compassionate entrepreneur with a warm personality. Her focus, to find a relationship between a couple, a family or even a place is impossible to ignore, especially in the first seconds while watching her photos. She  was so kind and spared some time from her busy schedule. I chatted with her about passion, the fears of running a business, inspiration and influence of other photographers and candid moments.

The Herb Shoppe Pharmacy

                                                             When you look out of your window, stroll through your neighborhood, hiking in Oregon nature or take advantage and visiting the farms on Sauvie  Island, what you think is the diversity to all the other seasons? Yes, it is getting darker and colder and since we are in Oregon, rain accompanies us most of the times. Personally, it is next to spring my favorite season of the year. It is this magical time, where to harvest what we have seed earlier in the year or Mother Nature gives us the opportunity to fill up our herbal apothecary. Everywhere where you looking at the moment you will see workshops with: How to preserve? How to use seasonal ingredients? Or like the Herb Shoppe Pharmacy, how to making herbal extracts and liquors for the holidays.

Herb Shoppe Pharmacy Mississippi District

Have a sneak preview showing a few pics about the Herb Shoppe Pharmacy in the Old Mississippi District in North East Portland, your shop for custom made herb blends and tinctures and more…. Herbs are more as plants, more as medicine and they grow on every corner. Stay tuned til Sunday for the whole Interview with Amanda Furbee from the Herb Shoppe Pharmacy. “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates-   [Show thumbnails]  


We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came… John F.Kennedy [Show thumbnails]  

Smith Teamaker

On an average Thursday morning, I entered the quiet, elegant tasting and retail room of the Smith Team, nestled in a brick building on a side street in the vibrant Northwest Industrial Area. As I walked in the tea shop the fine, but not overwhelming tea fragrances wafted in the breeze.  At one of my first visits, I noticed the same tranquil, relaxed energy, and my mind was transported by the beautiful fragrances. The front part of the shop is neatly designed and the interior features many furnitures and décor pieces Steve Smith and his wife Kim DeMent brought back from several India trips.