Visual thinking meets Wabi-Sabi

                            – Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. –                             Photos by Annika Bielig- Bussmann While listening to a TEDx Talk, has been the first time I stumbled over the name Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. Brian Faherty, founder and owner of Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., spoke about finding your analog self in a digital world. Fortunately, living in a digital world, I googled the company and went on Instagram to find out more about Schoolhouse Electric. Life moved on and a few weeks later, in a coincidence, we drove by the more than 100-year old brick building in the NW industrial district in Portland. We stopped and thought we could a have glimpse into the building.

Two Sisters- One Chocolate Kit

Sophie Hallion and Laura – Jade Hallion Founder and Owners of Meraki and Co Photos by zphotography Two Sisters- One Mission- One Chocolate Kit Two more inspiring ladies, join the “Spicy Women” series today. Sophie and Laura Hallion, founder and owner of Meraki And Co are two sisters with one simple mission. “A desire to increase people’s access to delicious, healthy, raw chocolate.” Their Soul Box – a raw chocolate kit is everything what you need to make your own healthy treats at home.

Spelt Muffins

Using leftover ingredients and playing with the diversity of flavors, has a magnificent role in our household. I love to bake and cook, creating and get my hands in moist dough and I am not a fan of food waste.

Love & one special Friendship

Photos by  Jennifer Hejna Valentine is all about love. Love is so special and is many things. Valentine’s Day is the day where we honor LOVE in all its forms. How do we define love? We toss the word love around so much throughout our lives, that is sometimes just sounds like a daily greeting or a word. I think love is the most incredible gift that we can receive and give others.

Homemade Coconut Milk

Growing up, cheese and milk were always the two ingredients which you could always find in our fridge. Cheese and milk are always comfort food for me. Working behind the cheese counter, attending cheese making classes, living on a farm and having the chance to see what ethical farming means was a time which opened new doors and possibilities for me.

Gardenbar “Construction Photo Shooting”

One of my latest shoots, where I collaborated with my dear friend  Ana Chaud, owner and founder of Gardenbar for a construction shoot of their upcoming second business location in Oldtown, Portland. Living in Portland- the city of creativity, allows people like myself to explore their artistic freedom. Being able to build  connections and starting to team with up with amazingly talented people, defines what I love to do and why I love to do. Thanks to Gardenbar letting me part of your journey.

Maak Lab- an apothecary lab highlighting the smells of the Pacific Northwest

Anoria Gilbert and Taylor Ahlmark are the creative, independent makers behind Maak Lab, the Portland based Soap Company. In their new workshop/retail location in the West End’s vibrant neighborhood they pour locally sourced ingredients, botanicals and essential oils together into high quality soaps, salves and candles. The Pacific Northwest nature and design culture are two of the reasons why Anoria and Taylor moved to Portland from Arizona. Soap making started as a hobby for them, exploring new and different ways to utilize leaves and bark became the most inspiring element in their extra time while working full daytime jobs.

Plum Deluxe

Plum Deluxe: A Passion for Tea and a Celebration of Mindful Enjoyment Tea and I have a long relationship, equal in intensity to my passion for writing handwritten letters or cards. Nourishing oneself with a hot cup of tea allows us to slow down, which I appreciate in times where I feel overloaded or stressed — especially during the holiday times. So when Andy Hayes, from Plum Deluxe, asked me if I’d collaborate with him and share my passion of handcrafted, fair trade tea, I was thrilled and couldn’t resist.